April 2017 Meeting

Minutes 4/13/17

Welcome to our newest member, Adon Berwick in Brisbane, Australia!

-Attended by Doreen, Anne Marie, Mostafa, Cory, Adon, and Marcus.

-Anne Marie put forth the idea that MUSE could do a group project together such as a special issue of a journal or a presentation at a conference.

-We discussed the reading paper co-authored by MUSE member Mostafa Pourhaji: Pourhaji, M., Alavi, S. M., & Karimpour, S. (2016). Built-In Learner Participation Potential of Locally-and Globally-Designed ELT Materials. Journal of Teaching Language Skills35(3), 119-156. Click here to read the article.

-MUSE member Cory Mathieu then presented her research on use of materials in language immersion classrooms in the USA entitled “Spanish immersion materials and the secondary classroom ecology”.

-Both Mostafa’s paper and Cory’s presentation sparked active and supportive discussions regarding the topics in the research.

-Deadline for submissions for TESOL 2018 in Chicago is June 1, 2017. Doreen suggested that perhaps a workshop is a good way to get a presentation slot at the conference.  MUSE members may want to produce some sort of joint workshop presentation. We could also try again to put some panel together for AAAL.

-Next meeting is planned for May 2017.

August 2016 projects

In July and August 2016, many members of MUSE International and the advisory board were engrossed in a panel proposal that highlights the innovative and diverse types of research on “language classroom materials use” that we are working on across the world. We have also been researching and pursuing grant opportunities the past months.  Please contact us or get in touch if you are interested in learning more or getting involved.