October 2017: Prof. Heidi Byrnes joins advisory board

In October 2017, we were deeply honored and delighted to welcome Prof. Heidi Byrnes to the advisory board of MUSE International. Prof. Heidi Byrnes has been on the faculty at Georgetown University for over 35 years.  She also serves as the editor-in-chief of the Modern Language Journal, one of the most distinguished journals in the field.

“An internationally known expert in adult instructed second language learning and teaching, Prof. Byrnes was instrumental in the creation of our four-year integrated undergraduate curriculum in German [at Georgetown University] that has gained national and international recognition since its development from 1997 to 2000.

Over the past few years, Prof. Byrnes received a number of prestigious awards including the Distinguished Scholarship and Service Award, American Association for Applied Linguistics, 2013; the Nelson H. Brooks Award for Outstanding Leadership in the Profession, The Northeast Conference on the Teaching of Foreign Languages, 2013; and the Wilga Rivers award for leadership in higher education, the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL), 2012.”  (Adapted from https://german.georgetown.edu/story/1242751814140.html)

April 2017 Meeting

Minutes 4/13/17

Welcome to our newest member, Adon Berwick in Brisbane, Australia!

-Attended by Doreen, Anne Marie, Mostafa, Cory, Adon, and Marcus.

-Anne Marie put forth the idea that MUSE could do a group project together such as a special issue of a journal or a presentation at a conference.

-We discussed the reading paper co-authored by MUSE member Mostafa Pourhaji: Pourhaji, M., Alavi, S. M., & Karimpour, S. (2016). Built-In Learner Participation Potential of Locally-and Globally-Designed ELT Materials. Journal of Teaching Language Skills35(3), 119-156. Click here to read the article.

-MUSE member Cory Mathieu then presented her research on use of materials in language immersion classrooms in the USA entitled “Spanish immersion materials and the secondary classroom ecology”.

-Both Mostafa’s paper and Cory’s presentation sparked active and supportive discussions regarding the topics in the research.

-Deadline for submissions for TESOL 2018 in Chicago is June 1, 2017. Doreen suggested that perhaps a workshop is a good way to get a presentation slot at the conference.  MUSE members may want to produce some sort of joint workshop presentation. We could also try again to put some panel together for AAAL.

-Next meeting is planned for May 2017.