September 2019 Meeting


The meeting began with announcements of MUSE organizational points and updates by members of recent academic news. Because MUSE has grown in recent months, members reside in diverse time zones all over the world and settling on a meeting to accommodate everyone has become increasingly more of a challenge, we’ve decided to record our meetings. These recordings are private and only intended for our members only so that we can choose to stay updated. We have no intention to make these recordings public so that members being recorded can be as candid as possible within the space of our MUSE meetings. The only way to access these recordings is to get the link from MUSE. We send the link to members in an email after the meetings.

We are awaiting a final answer from the editors of Classroom Discourse on a proposal for a special issue on materials use. Response has been positive, and as we await a final decision,  additional authors are needed because the journal has suggested a two-part, special issue due to the number of quality abstracts submitted. MUSE members Cory , Nausica, or Teppo are the editors of the special issue.  This special issue is a great opportunity for our members to publish. If you’d like to contribute an article or if you know someone who may want to make a contribution, please let the editors know. Cory will also send this information through our mailing list. There is a November deadline to submit drafts of the articles.

Continuing along with publications, Brian Tomlinson at MATSDA has asked  MUSE members Claudia and Adon to edit the conference proceedings from the 2019 MATSDA conference. These proceedings are often turned into books by MATSDA. Here again, is another way to deepen our ties with MATSDA. Claudia and Adon may need readers for the articles, and MUSE members could assist with the process.

We also heard details of Anne Marie’s plenary presentation at MATSDA. Cory and Darren are also involved with editing a book project on materials use that is moving down the pipeline.

We then moved into a lively and fascinating discussion on the reading for the meeting which was: Toohey, K., Dagenais, D., Fodor, A., Hof, L., Nuñez, O., Singh, A., & Schulze, L. (2015). “That sounds so cooool”: Entanglements of children, digital tools, and literacy practices. TESOL Quarterly, 49(3), 461-485.


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