June 2019 Meeting

June 5, 2019

MUSE was delighted to have a guest speaker for this meeting. Dr. Amy Roth-McDuffie, Professor of Mathematics Education and Associate Dean for Research and External Funding in the College of Education at Washington State University, shared her tremendous expertise and time with us. It was truly stimulating to have the chance to read her work and to discuss one of her articles in depth (Choppin, J., McDuffie, A. R., Drake, C., & Davis, J. (2018). Curriculum ergonomics: Conceptualizing the interactions between curriculum design and use. International Journal of Educational Research, 92, 75-85.), along with her broader knowledge of the field of materials use in mathematics. We were honored and very appreciative to have had the chance to dialogue with her about terminology and concepts behind the notion of “pedagogical materials” in mathematics education and in language education. In addition, Dr. Roth-McDuffie also suggested a number of other journal articles for future reading. These articles were sent to members in a follow-up email.

Many sincere thanks to Dr. Roth-McDuffie for joining us!


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