April 2019 Meeting

The meeting was attended by Adon Berwick, Nausica Marcos, Teppo Jakonen, Darren LaScotte, Zhan Li, and Cory Mathieu. We opened the meeting with a recap of AAAL, including the MUSE open meeting – which was attended by eleven people – and a colloquium on material mediation in the classroom in which Darren and Cory presented. We also discussed the possibility of submitting a proposal for a symposium on materials use research at AILA 2020, for which Anne Marie will take the lead. Our discussion then turned to Yumi Matsumoto’s recent MLJ article titled Material Moments: Teacher and Student Use of Materials in Multilingual Writing Classroom Interactions. The article prompted a dynamic discussion on a variety of topics including how we as researchers define materials, the potential agentivity of materials in the classroom (and the pushback some of us have received from other scholars on this topic), and how complexity theory relates to different methodologies (particularly short-term versus longitudinal research).

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