MUSE Members win Spencer Award

MUSE International is delighted to announce that members Anne Marie Guerrettaz (Washington State University, USA) and Nausica Marcos Miguel (Denison University, USA) have won a Spencer Foundation Research Award. The pair, in collaboration with Professor Nancy Bell (Washington State University), will conduct research on Spanish as a foreign language teaching materials. This study will include colleges and universities across three states in the USA during the 2019–2020 academic year.

The following is an excerpt from the winning proposal:

‘U.S. 4-year colleges commonly require intermediate-level foreign language coursework (Lusin, 2012). Therefore, this 16-month project will investigate 12 intermediate Spanish classes at diverse colleges in 3 states. We will observe, collect, and analyze classroom interactions involving instructional materials (144 hours), and conduct multimodal discourse analysis, interviews, and focus groups. This research lays critical groundwork for understanding how instructional materials affect U.S. foreign language classrooms, generates a typology regarding impacts of materials on classroom interaction, and has implications for improving foreign language education and materials design.’

MUSE membership has played a role in this research project. By having a presence at international conferences in countries such as the USA, Finland, Japan, Cambodia and the UK, members not only present their findings but reach out to like-minded researchers to forge relationships for future projects. ‘We [Guerrettaz and I] definitely connected through MUSE. We just met in person last year at the AAAL conference!’ says Marcos Miguel. Guerrettaz adds, ‘MUSE is doing wonderful things connecting researchers in these types of endeavors.  We, as an international research consortium, look forward to pursuing more of these types of grants in the coming year.’

We at MUSE are pleased and excited to wish Anne Marie, Nausica, and Nancy great success with their Spencer Foundation Research Award!