Feb 2019 Meeting

Our first meeting of 2019 set an attendance record. Here’s a warm welcome to  the new participants: Li Zhan (China), Sarah Han (UPenn), Mari Haneda (UPenn), Magda Madany (UPenn). The regular participants were: Cory Mathieu, Anne Marie Guerrettaz, Marcus Grandon, Yi-Ju Lai, Adon Berwick, Nausica Marcos, Nicole Pettit and Simthembile.

Some information that we discussed regarding some upcoming events and new ideas/initiatives are as follows:

  1. At AAAL, MUSE International will hold an open meeting for all MUSE members and other AAAL attendees on Tuesday, March 12 from 12:30-1:45 pm as advertised here: https://assets.noviams.com/novi-file-uploads/aaal/AAAL_Preliminary_SOE_updated_1_23_19.pdf
  2. AILA has Research Networks (ReNs) that we discussed plugging into as part of our existing MUSE International group. Here is additional information: https://aila.info/research/ We would need to apply and probably have 3 “convenors” (i.e., facilitators/organizers/leaders). Anne Marie will begin getting more information about this process, and Teppo and Mari have both expressed interest as well.  Please let Anne Marie know if anyone else is interested and in what capacity.
  3. Grants: We discussed a few months ago applying for one (or multiple?) collaborative grants as an organizational goal for 2019.  Anne Mariecreated a sign-up sheet here for all those who are interested and think that they will have time to work on such a project over the next year or more. Yesterday, we discussed creating a subgroup to work on this project outside of our regularly all-group meetings. Please add your name and consider the few short questions at this online survey link if you are interested: https://wsu.co1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_cvAWfYs0DdNvHVj Please complete this by Monday, Feb. 25.  Anne Marie will then send out a Doodle poll to schedule our first “exploratory” meeting to discuss ideas, options, and individual availability.
  4. Teppo will be attending  the 4th international conference Thinking, doing, learning 2019. The conference seeks to advance the understanding of usage-based approaches to the L2 environment.
  5. Lastly, a big congrats to Yumi Matsumoto for her MLJ publication that just came out recently online!

Many thanks to Anne Marie and Cory for contributing the notes above.

The reading for discussion was:  Harwood, N. (2017). What can we learn from mainstream education textbook research?. RELC Journal48(2), 264-277.