October 2018 Meeting

The meeting was attended by Marcus, Siwon, Darren, Nausica, me, and our newest member, Simthembile. Simthembile is a PhD student in South Africa teaching and conducting research in teacher education. We are glad to have him join us! In the meeting, we discussed adding several rotating officer roles, and Siwon has taken on the position of reading chair, meaning that she will coordinate the articles that we read/discuss for our regular meetings. We postponed appointment of other positions because we are hoping to have even better attendance at the next meeting. We then had a lively and interesting discussion about the Li and Harfitt (2017) article. We discussed the distinction between the enactment perspective of curriculum research and researching the enactment of materials use. We also were challenged to think of how to successfully and purposefully include more student voice/perspective in materials use research.

One goal for our December meeting is to make some decisions about the structure of MUSE – rotating officer positions, etc. – so we hope to have many people in attendance.

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