June 2018 Meeting

Members present: Cory, Anne Marie, Marcus, Darren, Yi-Ju, Nausica (welcome!) Siwon joined us for a moment as well. 

We began the meeting by talking briefly about re-organizing our group now that we are growing and becoming more publicly linked to other websites and organizations. We agreed on four main roles that would be rotated among group members. These include:

-webmaster (website maintenance)

-secretary (organizes meeting logistics and takes minutes)

-research reading chair (solicits suggestions for readings and makes choices for each meeting –> research consumption)

-research project chair (organizes and spearheads a current group research project or publication –> research production)

We decided that, for the time being, Marcus will take on the role of webmaster and Cory will take on the role of secretary. We will talk more about the two research-related roles in our next meeting. 

The second half of the meeting was a discussion of Hasegawa (2018). Much of the conversation revolved around the author’s use of Conversation Analysis as an analytic tool and the relative affordances and challenges with integrating CA with a multimodal perspective of data representation. We also discussed how this article took up material use in a less explicit manner and how material use research might sometimes be “hidden” within articles that have a different analytical focus. Finally, we discussed the author’s highlight of the importance of shared contextual knowledge in student use of materials and interaction analysis. We noted how students responded to cues that may have come from the materials but were mediated by their shared knowledge. It was a rich and critical conversation, and Yi-Ju’s perspective and knowledge of Conversation Analysis was particularly appreciated. 

Our next meeting will be Monday, July 2 from 3-5 p.m. U.S. CST. Anne Marie will be coordinating the next meeting as I will be traveling in the weeks prior, and she will send a reminder message closer to the date.