July 2017 Meeting

Minutes 7/28/17

In attendance:  Adon, Anne Marie, Cory, and Marcus. Siwon was unable to attend at the last minute, so she offered input via email.

The focus of our July 2017 meeting related to our growing group’s goals, organization, and projects.

In mid-July, approximately one week before our MUSE group meeting, Anne Marie met with our Advisory Board Member, Elaine Tarone, to discuss directions for MUSE. In the group meeting, members considered ways in which we could implement many of the insightful suggestions offered by Professor Tarone regarding the group’s ongoing and future work.

MUSE plans to further engage teachers and researchers as part of an effort to increase our impact and membership. For example, language teachers and researchers can look for MUSE members at select language teaching and applied linguistics conferences . Language teachers and researchers can watch for our flyers, formal and informal discussions, and other public announcements at these conferences.

MUSE currently has three collaborative research projects on language classroom materials use underway, in which most members are actively involved. Results of these will be published on the website as they come to fruition.

The next MUSE meeting will be held in 4-6 weeks.