May 2017 Meeting

Minutes 5/22/17

Welcome to our newest member, Siwon Lee, from University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education! Also, welcome to Dr. Yumi Matsumoto, also from the Penn Graduate school in the Educational Linguistics Division, who has joined MUSE but was unable to attend due to a scheduling conflict.

In attendance:  Adam, Adon, Anne Marie, Cory, Siwon, Marcus.

Thanks to Adon for suggesting the reading for the meeting. This month we discussed: Littlejohn,A. (2012)  “Language teaching materials and the (very) big picture.” Electronic Journal of Foreign Language Teaching 9.1: 283-297.

We held a one-hour discussion that concentrated upon the pros and cons of standardization of materials in various contexts.

This article is available for free here:

In the second half of the meeting, we discussed ways in which MUSE could do group projects. Four main ways were identified: 1) a group panel at the AAAL 2018 conference in Chicago or possibly at another conference, 2) the writing and editing of a special issue of a journal, 3) the possible writing of a group article for a journal, and 4) the possible writing of an edited volume based on materials use.

We decided that numbers 1 and 2 above would be the best courses of action for now. Deadline for AAAL is approaching, so members who committed to being on the panel need to begin drafting a 300-word abstract on the theme of ‘Materials Use in Language Classrooms’, and it would be best if these drafts were completed by mid- to late July 2017.

Targets journals for the special issue include: Modern Language Journal, the Canadian Modern Language Review Journal, English Language Teaching among others.