April 2017 Meeting

Minutes 4/13/17

Welcome to our newest member, Adon Berwick in Brisbane, Australia!

-Attended by Doreen, Anne Marie, Mostafa, Cory, Adon, and Marcus.

-Anne Marie put forth the idea that MUSE could do a group project together such as a special issue of a journal or a presentation at a conference.

-We discussed the reading paper co-authored by MUSE member Mostafa Pourhaji: Pourhaji, M., Alavi, S. M., & Karimpour, S. (2016). Built-In Learner Participation Potential of Locally-and Globally-Designed ELT Materials. Journal of Teaching Language Skills35(3), 119-156. Click here to read the article.

-MUSE member Cory Mathieu then presented her research on use of materials in language immersion classrooms in the USA entitled “Spanish immersion materials and the secondary classroom ecology”.

-Both Mostafa’s paper and Cory’s presentation sparked active and supportive discussions regarding the topics in the research.

-Deadline for submissions for TESOL 2018 in Chicago is June 1, 2017. Doreen suggested that perhaps a workshop is a good way to get a presentation slot at the conference.  MUSE members may want to produce some sort of joint workshop presentation. We could also try again to put some panel together for AAAL.

-Next meeting is planned for May 2017.