December 2016 Meeting

Minutes 12/10/16

-Attended by Anne Marie, Mostafa, Cory, Adam and Marcus.

-Our proposal for AAAL was rejected, but we feel that it is a good footing and we will try again next year by including a greater number of participants and more primary studies.

-We discussed possible attendance to the MATSDA conference on June 10-11, 2017 in Holland.

-We discussed grant funding in our respective locales, and the WSU can give us support by looking at our grant proposals and providing feedback.

-Discussion then shifted to methods of data collection, and also teaching techniques in our own classrooms.

-We moved to discuss the reading paper: Jakonen, T. (2015). Handling knowledge: Using classroom materials to construct and interpret information requests. Journal of Pragmatics89, 100-112. The discussion was engaging and lively about topics from the paper and how we could relate elements found in the paper to our own research.

-Anne Marie has co-authored a paper that was just published in TESOL quarterly. The topic then moved to multimodality and ecology.