June 2016 Meeting

For our June 24, 2016 meeting, members joined via phone and videoconference from Iran, Japan, and Mexico.  We had our first reading group discussion, which comprised the majority of the meeting time.  Specifically, we discussed Sue Garton’s and Kathleen Graves’s 2014 article Identifying a research agenda for language teaching materials, which appeared in The Modern Language Journal.  This article prompted a stimulating conversation about language teaching materials in relation to classroom interaction and participation, learning opportunities, the history of the field of second language acquisition, and much more.  

We also discussed MUSE’s goals, logistical matters, and ongoing projects, including our plans for a conference panel in the United States for 2017.  We talked about resources that we plan to make available to the public by posting them on our website, including influential articles on language classroom materials use and links to organizations whose goals and interests complement our own.  Finally, Between the Keys—the teacher-focused journal of the Material Writers’ SIG of the Japanese Association for Language Teaching (JALT)—was mentioned.